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Mike Lake

  • Coordinated the response to the first case of Mad Cow Disease discovered in the United States and managed efforts to protect the reputation of the U.S. beef industry both domestically and abroad. 
  • Managed communications surrounding the largest private equity acquisition in history.
  • Managed internal and external communications around the investigation of a high-profile civil mortgage fraud.
  • Supported communications surrounding the expropriation of assets and bankruptcy of the largest oil company in Russia.
  • Managed communications surrounding a tax dispute with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and accompanying Capitol Hill testimony.

Megan Mitchell

  • Served as the news media contact, spokesperson and strategic counsel for clients in a range of industries, including healthcare, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, financial and legal.
  • Led communications within Incident Command on behalf of a major health system during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Managed the responses of multiple organizations involved in data breaches including a health insurance provider who exposed the public health information of thousands of patients and employees across multiple states.
  • Led communications on behalf of one of the best-known manufacturers of wearable technology during a product recall that affected more than one million devices.
  • Led the development and implementation of a communications strategy for a multinational corporation facing a U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices-related action by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the threat of global sanctions by a multilateral development bank.
  • Managed communications for a top five global brand going through the largest corporate move and reorganization in U.S. history.

Phillipa Levenberg

  • Works with PR agencies, non-profits and media organizations, leveraging digital, social and paid media strategies to build employer brands and thought leadership programs, engage advocates, navigate crises, and shape policy outcomes.
  • Counseled clients in growing and defending their online reputations through challenges such as product recalls, environmental disasters, leadership changes, labor organizing and most recently, an infant formula shortage.
  • Recognized as a Social Media “Mover and Shaker” by PR News and Social Media Today. Nominated for both the “Excellence in Advocacy Awards” by Professional Women in Advocacy and the “Emerging Leader Award” by Washington Women in Public Relations. Recently named to Women We Admire’s list of Top 50 Women Leaders in Virginia 2022.
  • Serves on the Digital Marketing Advisory Council at the George Washington University School of Business.

Bob Maistros

  • Specialist in high-level messaging and strategy with C-suite experience in numerous headline-making crises.
  • Drafted and oversaw publication of a 60+ page report for the Secretary of Interior on learnings from BP’s response to the Deepwater Horizon explosion.
  • Led narrative development and rapid response on behalf of the team steering Texaco through a record legal judgment, the then-largest-ever bankruptcy, and a successful proxy fight with Carl Icahn.
  • Coordinated with Hobby Lobby’s general counsel and legal team in expressing the rationale and strategy behind its Supreme Court case challenging Obamacare birth control mandates.
  • Worked with the AOL team addressing the “America On-Hold” access crisis, which included messaging around a settlement with state attorneys general, as well as external/internal communications relating to a Washington Post report on a Department of Justice fraud investigation.

Kent Jenkins

  • Has extensive experience in crisis, litigation, legislation and public affairs communications, including the design and execution of multiple award-winning campaigns.
  • Served as chief strategist in a year-long campaign to restore public confidence in the U.S. Postal Service following the 2001 anthrax crisis.
  • Designed and led a campaign to minimize news media coverage of the Amerigroup whistleblower lawsuit alleging that the organization had discriminated against pregnant women.
  • Designed and led a public affairs campaign that helped significantly reshape regulations proposed by the U.S. Department of Education following a high-profile lobbying effort launched by a group of Wall Street short-sellers targeting publicly-traded higher education organizations.

Mark Bien

  • Led the communications execution for 25 technology acquisitions, divestitures and IPOs totaling nearly $100 billion in total transaction value over six years, including:
  • Media relations, industry analyst relations, employee engagement, and integration planning for the largest technology transaction in history.
  • Communications strategy for the largest technology leveraged buyout in history.

Jess Hill

  • Supported the development of a communications campaign on behalf of PhRMA in response to President Trump’s criticism that the industry was “getting away with murder” on drug pricing.
  • Worked with pharmaceutical company to advance policy issues, prepare Capitol Hill testimony and manage response regarding scrutiny over drug pricing.
  • Advised a global brand on multiple public health-related issues and developed near- and long-term strategies to protect the organization’s corporate reputation.

Jake McConnico

  • Served as senior manager of communications and spokesperson for a leading tobacco company for more than a decade.
  • Responded to more than 100 media requests a year in this role and partnered with executives to drive efforts related to tobacco harm reduction and transforming tobacco.
  • Managed the voluntary recall of 2.6 million e-cigarette power units following reported incidents of small fires caused by the units.
  • Worked closely with a coalition in California to prevent a state-wide ban on flavored tobacco products.